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diamonds wedding rings

With this ring I marry you.
A wedding ring in titanium is made ​​to last beyond the life

A piece of jewellery destined to win the time. An unforgettable ring, a symbol of a promise of love and union. According to a romantic point of view, tradition says that the wedding ring that is worn on the left ring finger, as we know, comes in contact with a long vein that runs directly to the heart along a meaningful path of love and blood. A wedding ring isymbolizes a mutual gift that lovers exchange in an act with a strong symbolic meaning.

A wedding ring is the wedding itself from a material point of view, is what every day, looking at our hand, remembers us that promise and makes us feel again the thrill of that gift. But how to choose the right one? The forms are extremely varied, from the most classic, rounded and smooth, simple without gems, in classic yellow gold, to go to French-style, thin, slightly rounded on the outside and flat inside, enriched with one or more diamonds. Local traditions and origin influence styles, for example a Sardinian wedding ring , worked with a lace pattern called "tatting" or an Etruscan one, flat and decorated with well-wishing writings for a bride and a bridegroom; there is also an Umbrian wedding ring, in silver with words written inside, and a Mantuan one, higher, heavy and with satin finish. Whatever the form, which can always be customized, it is also important  the choice of material for such a piece of jewellery  bound to last without degradation over time, maintaining the light of that first day. Titanium is certainly a great choice. It does not change over time, is hypoallergenic, does not oxidize and remains perfectly intact. JeS loves realizing custom-made wedding rings for its customers, they can choose the form that better represents their love and the promise they are going to exchange. You can choose design, gems, finishes, colour, everything only for you, such as your wedding day.

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