Precision mechanic and design.

JeS-Titanium Design comes from their union.

Two worlds combine to create the essential aesthetics that gives life to a style inspired by extraordinary properties of titanium.

This leads to the minimal lines of the jewellery, furnishings and coatings that we make.



Why titanium

Because its characteristics are unique: it is biocompatible and rustproof; it is technical and versatile; it is amagnetic and hypoallergenic.

It has the same performance as steel but its weight 40% lower.

Its cold processing requires specific skills and advanced technologies and every item made reflect this, our job every day.


We give shape to our designs by modelling titanium with the highest precision.

In our workshops we use all the necessary transformation tecnology, such as turning, milling, electrical discharge machining and surface anodising treatments (titanium coloring) and PVD-DLC (black titanium color of surface, "diamond like carbon").


Meet us

JeS-Titanium Design is: Jessica Stenta and Vincenzo Battaglia!

We like customers direct relashionship, we like when customers love the item bought and also del process to make it.

You can get an appointment with us, by mail or phone and come to see how we works our concepts.


Want help in choosing your unique piece of jewelry?

Choose how we can help you discover the unique character of titanium, we will answer all your questions.
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