The section dedicated to authorized dealers and partners that collaborates with JeS-Titanium Design


Mastro 7


Mastro 7 unites from over 40 years artistic research and production of unique jewels, one brand specialized in gold arts, hadcrafted jewels, gold, silver and copper creations.
Mastro 7 interprets its work like a continuous research.

Mastro 7 is authorized and excusive dealer for the Trentino Alto Adige region






Alternatives Gallery


The gallery of contemporary jewelry which for us is the exclusive of Lazione region.

Opened in 1997, has always been cultural interpretation of jewelry as expression of oue time. Alternatives offer to customers a selection of the bst national and international designers in the world of contemporary jewelry.


Gerla Le Fedi


For over sixty years the production of the Company Gerla focused exclusively on gold wedding rings, but recently it has embraced the idea of offering a wider choice of jewels also in other materials.

The partnership with JeS - Titanium Design was born from this need and Gerla became an official JeS dealer in Milan and the sourrounding areas.


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