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jewels as gifts on Valentine's Day

A message of love
A piece of jewellery can communicate more than one word

Valentine's Day is a celebration of ancient origins, since the Middle Ages this event had taken on the meaning of the celebration of courtly love. In the Middle Ages it was said that there was the awakening of nature in mid-February and therefore the mating of different species of birds, for example. The evolution of this feast was the gift of a card to one’s beloved  for the event and later the card was accompanied by something more concrete, as a gift. Valentine's Day may seem a frivolous and worthless celebration to a lot of people, but if you retrace its ancient origins, you can understand its symbolic value that makes us go back to believing in the values ​​of love and the promise associated with it. A piece of jewellery is something material, it is true, but more than any other object it has the ability to convey emotions and values ​​through its own materiality, it is able to speak in our place and say anything you are not able to explain with words or with a look.


A piece of jewellery in titanium has something more, there is research, passion, study, wisdom and creativity behind it, there is a story of people who design it moving their hands to the rhythm of dreams and that is why each line of a JeS piece of jewellery can be recognized in a sensation, in a feeling. The gift of Valentine's Day is something special that should be celebrated, just as in ancient times, with an indelible thought, with something to tell us our love and the wish  to meet, to be chosen and to become engaged once again.

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