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Pendants in Titanium

The neck has innate sex appeal
A pendant as a look of human beings at the world.

A touch of class to enhance the elegance of a woman's neck, or a strong and geometric element to give power to a man’s neck. Titanium is really suitable to draw linear and clean shapes, to wear with different styles, long and a bit “hippy”, short and closer to one’s neck. For all your outfits you will find the suitable pendant which will emphasize the curves of your neck and cleavage. Each pendant is a concept, such as P.1 for example, whose two elements are joined by a pivot and free to rotate about the same axis representing a "tongue and groove" joint which is not only mechanical but also emotive.


Mirror-polished spheres in titanium hang from a necklace in titanium too, a simple element that captures attention on you at one point: your neck, which will become charming and sensual. A pendant that resembles a whistle, characterized by a cylindrical shape, diagonally cut and interrupted by a very thin slot that reveals the skin inside. Inspired by the contemporary world, aviation in particular, is also the pendant in the shape of a cube, which matches the ring and the bracelet of the same set. An ironic and funny game is finally TIEtanium, a tie in titanium that was born from a purely literary concept, TIE as a tie in English.

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